Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nightmare man

Ok so there's this Horror movie festival called "After Dark Horrorfest: 8 films to Die for!" they're all independent horror films that are supposed to be "better" than your average everyday schlock. Yeah, I've seen a couple of these movies and they're almost unwatchable. there's one called lake dead that has the geico cavemen raping women, which I guess if I was a woman I'd find a lot more horrifying? I mean who wants to get raped by the Geico Caveman? There's another one where 8 friends get stuck in an asylum, hilarity ensues. I know i've seen more but I own the asylum one(got it for free) and the other has the Geico cavemen raping women, you don't forget that. Nightmare Man I haven't actually watched all of. In fact it's on right now, and as far as I can tell they mine as well have just called it "Friday the 13th but with less boobs so there's absolutely NO reason it should be enjoyable even though the boobs from friday the 13th were all on 80's women so most of the time you're like 'Ew she's taking her clothes off now?' but you know at least it HAD boobs apparently the no name actresses in this have 'Morals' or something like that and don't want to take their tops all the way off, but we will show them in their underwear almost every chance we get and one fakes an orgasm? that's good right! huh? huh?" but I think that might be just a little to long to really be marketable?

SOOOOOO, as far as I can tell this girl got an african mask, she's crazy and the mask i guess takes over her body and no one believes her. It's a perfect storm of horror! Ok so anyways crazy girl has a husband, he's Hispanic or something. They're going to take her to an asylum (I wonder if it's the same asylum from the other movie? hmmm and this takes place in the woods? I wonder if the Geico cavemen rape women near a lake here? is it possible all these movies take place in some world where cliched horror happens all the time? I guess that asylum was closed but this could be YEARS before? This requires further research!) the car runs outta gas the husband goes for gas leaving his wife alone in the car! which is so gentlemanly of him. regardless, psycho shows up tries to kill her chases her through the woods where several mid 20's are playing truth or dare. So a lot of clothing removal happens, a little bit of fake orgasms, crazy girl shows up and tells them a killer is after her. Shit hits the fan, etc etc.

I have to say now that the movie is well into act 3 this is probably the best out of the ones I've seen. but then again I didn't really "watch" it as much as just have it on while in the room. it seemed predictable, I mean I kinda figured out how it would end without really watching it, but the others were just unwatchably bad this was well it was kinda unwatchable. I mean at least it's not Geico cavemen raping women? I think that might be bull from Night court? oh man the end title credits are AWESOME! the best scene in this movie was one girl trying to convince two guys that a woman wiggling around on your couch saying "it's ok the nightmare man isn't inside me anymore" is not her being crazy but she'd been raped.

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