Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Secret to a Good Sorority Slasher

If you're going to make a sorority slasher film, there are a few key ingredients that everyone needs.

1) you need sorority girls, and they need to be in a sorority house of some sorts, bonus points if they're sexy.
2) you need several different scenes that involve tickling, pillows, nakedness, and the word "fight" should end whatever words you pick from that list.
3) Finally, you need at least 1 strong likable character that the audience can relate to.

House on Sorority row has absolutely none of these things, except sorority girls, but they're not sexy so they're only getting partial credit on that one so out of a total of 3 points they get a .5! that's failing no matter what scale you use.

Now I started this entry about 5 days ago but life happened and I haven't been able to pick it back up, so the rest of this was written with the review 5 days over due. So with that being said the plot goes a little something like this, There's a sorority, the sorority has a house mother, the girls hate her. Before their big party the girls decide to play a prank on her, so they get a gun and they're gonna pretend to shoot her. In true Brandon Lee style they accidentally end up killing her, in true horror movie form they hide her in the pool until after the party at which time they'll dispose of the body. Hilarity ensues. The body goes missing people start dying and everyone is trying to figure out why.

Spoiler: in white below (highlight to see it)

The Villain wears a clown mask

where the movie fails is honestly it's complete inability to indulge a mans fantasy about what happens when you're in a sorority house. There was a study done on Horror movies and it found that voyeurs and horror movie fans are really similar and a lot of horror movies play this up, like psycho. But just ONE scene where the girls strip naked and fight each others with pillows sexfully? would that be TO MUCH TO ASK!

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