Saturday, October 16, 2010


The Holiday slasher film has been around since the beginning of slasher films. Black Christmas, Halloween, April Fool's day, there's even one for Memorial day(seriously), but Thanksgiving was always a holiday that was over looked by both the Holiday films and the slasher film genre's. That's where we get ThanksKilling, a movie that was made for a budget of roughly 3500 dollars, and it looks like a movie that was made for a budget of roughly 3500 dollars! The movie fails in almost every respect, it fails as a horror, it fails as a comedy, and it fails as a movie!

The movie starts off with 5 characters you have your typical slut girl, Ali, the jock guy, Johnny, the gross fat hick, Billy, Kristen the good girl, and Darren the nerd. these 5 kids are going home for thanksgiving break. Johnny is driving everyone home, his car breaks down and it's getting dark so they decide to camp out, the Nerd tells them a story about how a Native American medicine man cursed Billy, the fat hick's, relatives. He sent a turkey to kill everybody, and every 505years the turkey comes back from the grave and slaugthers people. "Let me guess, It's been 505 years?" says Johnny the jock, "It will be in about 5 minutes!" says darren the nerd. The thing I found most interesting about the last comment was apparently they had this legend nailed down to an EXACT MINUTE IN HISTORY!

Needless to say a turkey comes back to life and kill's a different hillbilly's dog (not billy the Hillbilly or hick, but just some hillbilly in the woods for no reason with his dog Flashy) When this happens that hillbilly gets pissed and swears to exact his revenge! The teenagers are all slowly picked off and I won't say in which order or how but let's just say we get a turkey rape scene, which is where this movie really starts to get classy, a turkey wearing around an old man's face like a mask to fool the college students(I actually thought that was pretty funny) and a turkey popping out of a man's chest.

Making this movie out to be all bad would be a mistake, it's not great by any means, but there were a couple scenes where I was laughing. When trying to find a way to kill the turkey Kristen says something like "My dad has all sorts of books I'm sure he has something about evil turkey's" kinda hanging a lantern on something that was so implausible to begin with, and of course her dad has a book about how to kill evil turkey's. The book ends up written in code and Darren has to translate it. So the dad has a book about evil turkeys written in a code to keep people from translating it, but was so easy to translate that darren successfully translated it in a couple minutes? The turkey puppet was awesome but my main problem with him was the fact that he just talked to much. I think I'd find the idea of a Micheal Myers like turkey who stalked his prey funnier than a foul mouthed turkey puppet, it didn't ruin the movie for me, the movie did that on it's own, but the absurdity would've come off better if it looked like they were trying to make this stupid turkey puppet an actually scary monster type of turkey puppet.

Given the chance I see no reason to watch this movie again, I got everything out of it I needed to. It did have some funny moments and for a movie that was made with such a low budget the special effects weren't bad, the premise was stupid but at times it's pulled off, but for the most part it's just boring. Check it out if you're really really bored but if you have a life and ANYTHING else to do, save yourself the embarassment of having this one listed on your Netflix "recently watched" queue. seriously how horrifying.

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Danielle said...

oh my god this movie sounds amazing! i was laughing through your review :D great review by the way.