Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ummmmm guh?

Ok, So I've been trying for the last two weeks to find a better horror movie to review. I watched "Child Living Dead" ALMOST THE WHOLE THING! It was On Demand and I figured a zombie movie with Tom Savini in it would at least have some good special effects and be watchable right? ...............yeah ok. Well the movie essentially starts out 15 years in the past, a group of towns people are fighting zombies, Tom Savini is one of them, he dies, that's the last you hear of Tom Savini. after that it jumps 14 years into the future, 5 kids are in a van and they drive off a road when they see a zombie, and they all die, this zombie then goes and ressurects them all and it skips ahead one year in the future? NOTHING HAPPENED IN AN ENTIRE YEAR WORTH MENTIONING! I'm not much of a story teller or a director but it seemed lazy to have "14 years later" then follow that up WITHIN 10 MINUTES "1 year later" after awhile I had to turn this off, basically the whole story is some guy who owns a car dealership wants to start a new one on a graveyard blah blah blah whole town knows about the 6 zombies and apparently they're ok living in harmony with them......ugh.

SO THEN I tried "Sleepaway Camp 2", this movie was from the 80's so basically it's everything that has ever been wrong with horror movies! You know no plot, no characters, every woman takes her top off within 2 minutes into the movie, I have no problem with that last part EXCEPT that it WAS the 80's and ABSOLUTELY NO WOMEN IN THE 80's WERE ATTRACTIVE! Also it's a movie about CAMPERS and all those CAMPERS are like 28, being watched by counselors that ARE 28!!! I had to turn this off too, I'm gonna wager a guess here that the brown haired girl who was killing everyone was doing so because her uncle who owned the camp wanted her to. I can't substantiate any of that because I literally only made it through about 20 minutes of this movie, if anyone has actually seen it please let me know.

Finally I watched "Whispering Corridors", this is a korean movie, and this actually WASN'T BAD, maybe that's just because this came AFTER the other two films which were literally unwatchable. I CAN SIT THROUGH SOME AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL SHIT, I'VE WATCHED MAFIA vs NINJA, ATOR THE IRON WARRIOR, MISS. CONGENIALITY TWICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a little off topic, what was I talking about again? oh yeah "Whispering Corridors" essentially, a bunch of teachers are dying, a girl killed herself, her friend comes back as a teacher.......... it's better apparently there are sequels, but how do you really go on with that story? Basically, that's it? that's all I have to write. The movie was enjoyable but I guess COMPLETELY FORGETABLE BECAUSE I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!! that's it.

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