Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When a Killer Calls!!!!

Remember the movie when a killer calls? no? seriously? it was so big! in fact it's said to have grossed over 66 million dollars! and it featured like all those famous people? It's pretty much the story of the babysitter who while sitting on babies starts to get creepy phone calls and then the police trace it and it turns out it's coming from in side the house! Wait that's when a stranger calls? Then what the fuck is this? someone made a knockoff of a b-movie? Why? Honestly though it's like the same fucking movie! Look at these two descriptions taken from IMDB!

"A babysitter begins receiving threatening phone calls from a man who has just killed an entire family."


"During an otherwise routine babysitting gig, a high-school student is harassed by an increasingly threatening prank caller."

The only difference between those two descriptions is one points out the fact that the man on the other end of the line is a KILLER! which he would have to be, because the movie title wouldn't make any sense then would it? Apparently this was made to be released straight to DVD to coincide with the release of when a stranger calls. Which makes sense I mean it's an asylum film isn't it?

either way the "movie" starts with a family being murdered, it tells you that right in the fucking tag line doesn't it? next you've got a babysitter walking to her babysitting job, later on the family she is babysitting for is slaughtered, by a KILLER! While babysitting the girls boyfriend shows up with his friends, so they're cannon fodder basically. These friends are AWESOME TOO! They pulled a gun on a man in a fight at a bowling alley and now they need some place to rest while the heat cools down. Then of course they have sex in the basement. The best part is right after this, The main character's boyfriend answers the phone and tells the killer that he's messing with the wrong guy, and if he finds out who this is he'll fucking shoot him. The emphasis on shoot is really what does it for me.

Regardless this one is nothing new, it's literally nothing new it's a knock off nothing new about things that are knocked off of other things. Compared to most horror movies I guess it's not "bad" in the sense that it's not horribly acted, wait......yes it is. It's also horribly horribly directed. For some reason there's a shot from the corner of the living room, and maybe it's just my Netflix streaming screwing up but it keeps like flickering. I'm pretty sure this was an actual decision by an actual director it was just pointless. Don't watch it.

Conan the Barbarian TRAILER is in my ads by google section(as of writing this) and that'll be my next review!!!!! I'm FUCKING PUMPED!


Flashy said...

You made this sound better than the original Stranger Calls.

Resmo112 said...

it probably is better.