Friday, February 17, 2012

Opening this weekend!

Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengence!

my question for this is WHY is this opening this weekend? Why was this even made? were there fans of this film who were clamoring for more Ghost Rider? The first movie apparently made over double it's production budget back in world wide grosses so it's only natural that the studio would try to suck more money out of a pretty lame franchise. My one complaint so far is Ghost Rider doesn't ride on the side of 3 different buildings in the course of the he did in the first one.


I know nothing of this film so I'm letting the trailer speak for it's self.

This means war

I thought this movie was called Spy vs Spy for the longest time? AND I guess the actual title is "This Means War" ok?

This movie is getting AWFUL reviews and it looks bad!


THE ONLY GOOD THING COMING OUT THIS WEEKEND (With respect to Bullhead because all I know about it is it's being released and am to lazy to do research) The latest release from Studio Ghibli although this is NOT a Miyazaki film I will be seeing it this weekend. Currently getting solid reviews around 7.7 on IMDB 4 outta 5 on and Rotten Tomatoes gives it 92% and 84% from the audience.

This is the EXACT movie that I should be reviewing on a horror blog right?

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Danielle said...

That Bullhead movie trailer kinda scares me...where is he injecting what i am guessing is bull hormones???what???