Thursday, July 5, 2012


Pixar is probably the best company in hollywood. They've made some of the greatest kids movies of all time, but when they announced that they were releasing Cars 2 I was hesitant, I still haven't seen it I heard it's terrible and, if true, it breaks their incredible streak of not just great kids movies, but great films. So, brave made me a little hesitant. Would they find that magic again, or did cars 2 mark the end of a generation of films made by pixar that pressed the boundaries of children's film making and really challenged their audience? The movie is set in Scotland, and is about a young red haired girl. This young red haired girl, Merida, doesn't want to be a princess. She would rather just ride her horse and shoot her bow and be a bit of a tomboy. Her mother doesn't like that, she wants Merida to get married to a husband who wins her hand at a tournament, to be held relatively soon in the film. Now, Merida is allowed to choose the contest for the tournament that is used to determine who will be marrying her. She picks archery, and then decides to shoot for her own hand. She wins, this could cause the potential break out of war between the clans of her people. So, to solve these problems she turns her mom in to a bear......I'm sure those were related somehow. This is one of the prettier pixar movies, the animation is absolutely beautiful and one thing pixar has never done wrong is make their films great eye candy for the big dorks coming to see them. The settings are all really nice despite taking place mostly in the surrounding area of Merida's castle. The 3 siblings of Merida's don't have a single speaking line, which is good. Sidekicks who talk to much end up really annoying. The cast gives a really good performance and the message which is essentially about the importance of listening to your loved ones, is solid and memorable. So, what problems did I have with it? It was good I really enjoyed it, but I took a girl who had recently lost her mother. By the end we were blubbering very loudly. I also don't feel it's as great as Wall-E or Up, but certainly not a blemish on their record. Those are difficult movies to follow. I'd have to say my biggest complaint was the woman 4 seats down from me. You would think she had never seen a movie as funny in her ENTIRE LIFE! Even the smallest most insignificant joke was met with HUGE belly laughter from this woman. The 3 siblings steal pastries like 3 times and absolutely every time was met with "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA" and not to mention the over exasperated Gasps EVERY time she realized that the movie was going to try and move the plot forward. I've been told it's really easy to be an idiot, I should've asked her. End of story, if it was fun and enjoyable. see it if you've got the time it was well worth the money.

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