Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Scissor Sisters Album! Magic Hour

Since we got this new blogger layout BS my blog is being a complete ass, If anyone knows how to solve some simple formatting issues with their blogs please let me know. THAT BEING SAID! When I heard the scissor sisters were coming out with a new album, I dusted off my sparkly purple shirt, leather pants and prepared to dance! Then I promptly forgot it was coming out! Yes, I know I'm a wonderful fan! Shut up, I'm a busy guy and if you're going to keep judging me then maybe you should just go away. SO, I finally purchased said album. While yes, I generally say this is a horror movie blog it's really just a "Media that I'm in to" blog. I mean I've covered the thundercats TV show for christ sake. Every now and again a band that gets me really excited, I just like to review their album. So, First off I started listening to the Scissor Sisters slightly before their second album was released, I liked it ok, I mean it wasn't great but it was a lot of fun. Their second album was released and I couldn't wait for a third! That album pretty much defined a lot of the music I listened to for the next couple years. When their third album was finally released I was just as pleased, the songs were memorable, catchy, bouncy and just good good fun. So, naturally they had a lot to live up to when they released their fourth album, and while for any other band in the world, this is a wonderful and fun album. The problem for me is i've come to expect too much from the scissor sisters, and so for me, this album was a bit of a disappointment. ok going through it song by song Baby Come Home one of the singles and definitely sounds like it. Also isn't this video cool? I also like that more of the band got involved with this video. Regardless, this song probably is the most "singy" track. As a result I like it, I do feel overall he tends to do a bit to much of his falsetto voice. Keep your shoes on Not my favorite track, but this is where it starts to get a little more falsetto, not that there's anything wrong with that, but like I said it seems a bit over done. Not much of a beat not very dancey. Why do I listen to the sisters? because I want to dance motherfucker! Inevitable One of my favorite tracks. You get a real sense of Jack's vocal range, the keyboard part is nice, it's still not dancey but it has more of the qualities that I look for in scissor sister songs. Only the Horses I feel like this song kinda shows the most growth as a band, Jack really uses his voice, the keyboards are a lot of fun, I don't feel like it's a watered down version of another track from a better album. Very happy with this one. Year of Living Dangerously Best Chorus, problem? I don't remember ANYTHING ELSE from this song. I actually had to re-listen (after listening to this album 3 times today to make sure I didn't make any jumpy opinions) I almost forgot it even existed! It's good, and it's really nice, the chorus, like i said is great! but obviously the rest of the song isn't that memorable. Let's have Kiki Least favorite. I actually wanted to skip it every time I listened to it. I'll probably love it next year some time but it's just a repetitive mess, and not in like the good repetitive mess type way. Shady Love Ton of fun, really hard to sing along to. This is a good type of repetitive, enough to keep me listening, hooks to make me remember, loved it. San Luis Obispo Very little current opinion. I liked it because it showed a lot of growth there is nothing like this on any of their other albums. Wasn't entirely sure it fit the album, but so it can be jarring listening to Shady love and then this more acousticy ballad, but still. Self Control Couldn't find a video so here's an asian man covering Only The Horses on his piano. Which I really enjoy............really pretty on piano. Best in Me I couldn't find a video for this either. So here's a creepy guy singing it.......This is one of my favorites, not when this guy sings it. Also I can't find the other two. Somewhere I really enjoyed, and the secret life of letters kinda lost me. F*** yeah, while only on the deluxe edition was one of my favorites. don't expect a rehash of what you got before, and you'll be happy, but don't expect as much dancey fun either it's a lot slower this time around. Which is a sign of maturing and aging by the band, and I don't have a problem with it but I feel like they still want the sound from album 3 so this particular album comes off just eh, caught between. It's worth it, but there is just something missing for me at least.

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